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12 days ago

I have made some serious strides in my personal life dealing with codependency and relationship traumas so it's kinda made me a bit trepidatious about trusting new people and strangers or even making friends.

I am fairly new to traveling alone so I was wondering if anyone had any advice to give to me as to mindful ways to booking places while on the go.

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10 days ago

Definitely trust in the reviews left by people who have already visited. Book places in populated areas that are near public transportation or are easy to get around in, No matter where you are, always be vigilant, but definitely try to have fun and see new things. I always stay in hotels, so hopefully another poster can add information about hostels and the like 🙂.

When I travel alone, one of my favorite things to do is to sit in a nice café and people watch (that way I still get to feel independent, but I also feel like I'm "with" other people). Bookstores or stores that sell trinkets are also good places to visit as they give you a jumping off point in conversation ("what book are you reading", for instance).