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What about Bangladesh currency? Can we get that from vendors or bank ?

16 days ago

I would like to know where i can meet vendors for buying some Bangladesh currency. I live now in Bangalore India?
Please help me with some Bangladesh tourist places.
Where i find good furniture wholesale shops in Bangladesh?

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14 days ago

Hi how are you?
Are you coming Bangladesh?
If you need any kids of support you can contact with me...... I will

12 days ago

Hello Dear!!

Greetings from Bangladesh!

1. In Bangladesh you can visit bank to convert your currency or go to money exchange offices (lot you can find In Gulshan Circle.
2. If you do not know anyone in Bangladesh might be facing some problem visiting places because of the language. But easy place like Cox's Bazar Sea Beach, Hill tracks near Chittagong or the Monuments of Dhaka you can visit by yourself.
3. Wholesale shops depends on your location, just tell me where you are going to stay in Bangladesh and i will try to tell you the shops for furniture. If you have plan in Dhaka then you can go to any branded shops like - Hatil, Brothers Furniture, and etc.

8 days ago

hello dear
In the airport there are more then 7 to 8 branches of banks where you can exchange your currency......and there are a lot of places to depend where you'll stay!