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Vietnam has everything you need, don't pack the kitchen sink!!!

1 month ago

For those of you that have never been to Vietnam, here is a bit of information in reference to packing. Vietnam has everything like most places, except your medication. I am sure it has some versions of your meds, but to be on the safe side, pack enough to carry you over. As far as everything else, there are plenty of stores, malls, pharmacies, cafes , and so much more where you can find what you need. The weather reminds you of "Hawaii, if you ever been there before. For those that have never been to Hawaii, just think of summer vacation with a bit of humidity and you have Vietnam. It is a beautiful place. Here, you can afford to go out to eat, see museums and have a good time. Things are more affordable. Hotels are cheaper than in most countries. If you need eyeglasses or contacts, you can get name brand frames with lenses and transitions for less than $100.

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United States of America
14 days ago