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Travelling by ferry in the Galapagos

12 days ago

First, they aren’t a ferry. They’re an ocean speedboat (sort of) that have up to 1200hp and carry around 40 people. Most of them have benches, not seats. The benches go around the inside of the boat. So, you’re sitting sideways to the direction of the boat and a two hour trip can leave your back a mess. Second, they leave twice a day and the morning run is almost always in calmer seas. Finally, the closer you are to the bow, the rougher the trip. My tip is to go early, find out which ‘ferries’ have actual seats and sit at the back of the boat,

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12 days ago

You have to add that to get down from it they charge you x to get to the pier. This isn't all the "companies" but most of them... and it's about 10 meters but you've got no choice but to pay.