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Alquiler de auto en Playa Del Carmen

10 days ago

Hello! I'll be at the beach on Monday. I'd like to know how to rent a car, what prices they're driving, and if everyone asks you for deposit money.
Thank you!

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9 days ago

Hello Eli! The rent on the Riviera is quite cheap. We rented for about 13 days and it cost us about $350 with insurance included. We did it for Europcar and we had no problem. What they ask you for as a guarantee is a credit card that will cover 10% of the amount of the vehicle but also varies according to the insurance you choose....If I recommend you when you remove the vehicle take pictures of the inside and outside and especially some detail that you have for your peace of mind.

9 days ago

Hey, Carla, thanks for the info, I'll keep in mind the details.