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Copacabana Rio de Janeiro: places to stay as a family, medium budget

10 days ago

places to stay, well, nice and cheap, close to the beach, as experiences have been, Oh, and I'm not a minor subject, I'm celiac...Feeding

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Hello, we were at the beginning of November. Hotel South American de Copacabana. Beard! Look, maybe for family it's a little high on the price. We scanned without a child.…Be careful on the beach, don't neglect thefts. Tiyuca bar very nice. Barrio Santa Teresa, to visit.
Now we want to go spend Christmas in Vià ±a.. you advise me?? It's my husband, me, my five kids and my in-laws.…

Navidad a Viña*


Bueno no reconoce la letra que le sigue a la "n"