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Anyone been to Albania recently?

19 days ago

Hope to break trip up getting there and home from Canada, and wonder about renting a car and doing a self tour of the country. Any suggestions for this senior couple?

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8 days ago

Been 2 times and would highly recommend it, although I rented my car in Croatia. Driving isn't as bad as people will tell you, although you need more time than usual considering freeways are minimal. Personally, I'd include Montenegro and even Ohrid in Macedonia. Lots to see in that part of the world!

5 days ago

I have ( rather southern half) and simply LOVED it! Did a lazy self driven tour starting off and ending in Saranda (reachable by ferry from the Greek island of Corfu). Places not to be missed: Berat, Girokaster, the blue eye (Syri I Kalter), Butrint and Ksamil. Driving is quite ok, do NOT rely on Google maps though. Good food, friendly people and reasonable prices. Definitely an excellent destination!

5 days ago

You can rent a car in albania, and its wonderful for senior couple to go everywhere, especialy by the cost. Its cheep, and nice, friendly, just do it. Renr in albania its cheepest... skodar lake, duka vinery, Dures have huge earthqake so i dont know, going down the cost its ok, and tirana and mountais on east. Meal is 5 eur, hotels are cheep, nature is beatiful