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Vietnam: Working out and Staying fit!!

15 days ago

For those of you that love to workout in gyms, there are so many fitness centers that are here in Vietnam. Don't worry!! You will be able to continue to stay fit.

In fact, almost all of the apartments, condominiums and hotels have their own gyms for you to use. When you book a place to stay always inquire about their gym and how to use your "Key card" to get into it. They are usually free and cost you nothing extra. This is the cheapest way to get your workout instead of, joining a costly gym package.

Note: Just a tip, there are many fitness centers in Vietnam that are more than willing to sale you a costly gym package deal if you would like. Just shop around before deciding which one to go with. I would advise taking a tour of the place to see what you are getting for your money before making that final decision.

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