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monumentos nueva York

8 days ago

Hi, I travel 6 days with my teenage kids to New York, some advice?? To get up to Empare State, no lines, like doing it??

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7 days ago

Hey, Raquel, avoiding queues in complicated New York, it's true that if you get the NYPASS out, you'll avoid part of it. Impressive Times Square, Te Rock, bike ride through Central Park, China Town, Soho and Litle Italy. For journeys the subway hand of saint. And as a colophon, and if you go with nanos, the best thing to do is go to Connie Island, they'll love it.
I hope I helped you at least a little and enjoyed the trip.

6 days ago

Hi Raquel! I agree with Jose, a citypass will help you save costs for tickets to tourist attractions. Just look it up with that name on the internet, there are several options, you can even set up your own tour through the apps they've developed for cell phones and they also have options with hop-on-hop-off buses, which serve you to transport across the entire island of Manhattan without paying each way.

Hello Raquel!!! The NY Pass option is definitely very good. I give you a very similar choice (in my experience, better), and it's the NY Freestyle Pass. You're going to find many options like these two, I used the one I recommend and the truth zero queues, turibus rides, another on Hudson Bay and free extra activities included depending on the package to choose (3, 5 or 7 attractions). In a drawer, Freestyle Pass already includes a boating tour of Hudson Bay and saving your ranks for more demanded attractions like the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock. An extra Freestyle is the only one that includes the One World Observatory, the tower they made next to the twin towers. I leave you the link https://www.citysightseeingnewyork.com/freestyle-new-york.html

I also recommend that you buy the MetroCard (one per person), so that they can travel smoothly by subway during their journey. The NY subway is very secure and connects to the city’s main airports and Manhattan (Laguardia and JFK). https://es.newyorkpass.com/things-to-do/getting-around.html?aid=3431&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7aPyBRChARIsAJfWCgI5O2MoqBh86XuVJR_GSHgXw-Ek24x9ag-9p086iLAjnjeoC791UaAnqwEALw

IMPORTANT: Get up very early, the six days will be fantastic but insufficient.