Due to the current situation related to the coronavirus, we understand you may need to change your travel plans. To get the latest info, contact the property you booked to check if they can accommodate you. You can also visit our Help Center for support with making changes to your booking.

Due to the current circumstances, it may take us longer than usual to respond to any questions you send us. Thanks for your patience.

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Apartment Liverpool Docks

7 days ago

I have a booking in Liverpool for an apartment over 3 nights in April. They are refusing to refund or transfer my booking. I have asked on a few occasions and I’m happy to transfer the biking to a later date . I know the usual policy is no cancellations etc . But this is obviously extreme circumstances. My trains have been cancelled and there is no way I could get there if I was allowed . Is there any help I can get to receive my money back please ? I think they’re being so unfair . It was over £500 and I’m not not working .

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United Kingdom
7 days ago

We understand the current situation may force you to change your plans. The best way we can support you is by visiting the Help Centre since that way we can look into your existing bookings.

Help Centre https://secure.booking.com/help.html

Please be aware that due to the current circumstances, it may take us longer than usual to respond to any queries you send us. We thank you for your patience as we are trying to prioritise people with imminent reservations.

There is the possibility that free cancellation or rebooking is possible due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However this is dependent on several factors, including the formal governmental travel limitations in place at your origin and destination, your arrival date, and your reason for travelling.