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Travelling from Valletta to Malta

1 month ago

i'm going to go saturday and sunday to malta and i would like to get the best means of transport so i can see as much as I can?

what do you advise?

2.3 miles
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1 month ago

The public transport system in Malta is excellent and buses run to a good portion of the main sites. We were in Valletta and with an early start, managed to see in one day, the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum, Tarxien Temples, Ghar Dalam Cave, Marsaxlokk and take a boat to St. Peter’s Pool, Birgu and be back in Valletta by 6pm and we weren’t rushing, this was all done using public transport. The key is planning and making sure you aren't backtracking wasting precious time.

The bus website is brilliant, wish some other countries would take note of how a public transport website should be designed. It is very user friendly and has route maps and timetables. Use this in conjunction with Google Maps.

We used the 7-Day Explore Card for 21 euro, which was great value given how much we used the buses. While you're not there have a look at the other cards available on the website.

Below is the link to the bus website for timetables and routes-