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Which is better us or Europe

17 days ago

I just got married and looking a for a honeymoon destination. We aren't into museums, deserts, site seeing, snow, mountains etc. Party beaches food shopping is what I am looking for. 6-10 days trip. Budget 3.5 lakh including tickets from India

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16 days ago

Hi. you have beautiful beaches in GOA, your Country :) Europe might be cold for beaches at the moment. For Party beaches food shopping, maybe Thailand? But for Honeymoon, I would suggest Maldives, romantic getaway on a private island. Oh, Congratulations!

15 days ago

When you say party, beaches and good food, I think of Spain. Mallorca or Ibiza or even both, you can fly between them, it takes 40 minutes or so. Its beautiful and they have the best food on earth. Good luck!