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Travelling from Malta International Airport to St. Julianʼs

17 days ago

How long does it take to get from the airport to st juliens ?

4.4 miles
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15 days ago

about 20 minutes with bus (less with taxi) but then st julian is a big town, look if you're near the bus stop, if not....take a taxi

United Kingdom
15 days ago

About 15-20 mins by taxi, depends on traffic / time of day. Taxis are a flat rate of 20 EUR, or there are shuttles for 5 EUR per person from the airport which will drop you at your hotel.

10 days ago

Just book a maxi taxi in advance and the driver will wait for you at the exit of the arrival gate. The journey take about 20-25 minutes and the price will be €5.00 per head. However, unlike the USA no driver will ask for gratuity.