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Making and saving money when traveling.

4 days ago

I always thought traveling was expensive and should only be left for a chosen few. To be honest traveling / tourism is expensive and therefore left for a chosen few due to lack information and know-how. A travel junkie can travel at no cost by becoming a travel agent!
In the past few months in this industry i have seen how travel agents make money and use very little of it in their travels.
Travel agents work with tour companies, hotels and different tourist destinations to market their products and services. through this, the agents is paid through commissions all year long and can get reservation and a very discounted rate in the peak seasons.
I, for instance works with a budget hotel in the CBD of Nairobi Kenya. we get guests who would love to go on safari and require a travel agency and a recommendation for the best destination. by so doing, i get commission from the travel agency about 70$ and about 100$ from the destination, that is one guest, one travel agency and one destination. on a good day one could get upwards for 10 guests. do the math! as a bonus, every end of year i get free three days fully paid trip to a place of my choice.
you don't need to quit your day job, just know a few travel junkies and you are set.

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