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cheap days out in NYC

18 days ago

hey all

just wondering if people have any tips for New york in december my wife ad i are travelling to NYC, San Francisco and LA and need ideas for both cheap eats and cheap attractions and things to do during the day and around xmas time.

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10 days ago

Hey! I can only speak for NY, but there's no shortage of affordable food in the city. Whenever I visit, I always try to stop by Prince Street Pizza or Joe's (both tend to be crowded, and definitely bring cash instead of card). I also really enjoy Junior's, though it's a bit more expensive (the yellow/chocolate cake is worth is though, if they still have it). Cheeky Sandwiches is also really good, though the menu is limited. Oh, and Chelsea Market has a ton of food choices, so it's a good place to stop by.

For attractions, I'd go to see the Rockefeller tree and all the window displays on Saks Fifth Avenue (both activities are free). I've never done it, but I know there are usually a few ice skating rinks around this time of year, so that should also be a fun activity. In general, I like to walk around the different communities and just people watch/browse (Koreatown, Times Square, etc).

One last thing: Levain cookies are supposedly the best cookies on earth. I'm never able to try them, so I'd love to hear from someone who has :).

United Kingdom
9 days ago

Go online and get free tickets to the recording of a tv show. We went to the kelly and Ryan show. Early start but it was well worth it!