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16 days ago

Hello to everything! I'm planning to travel to New York in January, dates run between 17/01, which you recommend for those dates, places, entertainment... On 23/01 I'm planning to catch a plane to Miami. Thank you.

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15 days ago

Hello! I don't know if you know NYC; if you've never been, one place I would advise you to go to the "Top of the Rock" by day and Empíreo State by night, to see "Big Apple" from above, something very interesting. The Vessel was installed this year, which will help ease the cold. Obviously, there is Central Park, an interesting market under the Plaza Hotel for a gourmet bite and, if you like art, there is MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum and the Guggenheim. South is Memorial, in a very interesting neighborhood, although I was disappointed by the new World Trade Center. After a meal at Chelsea Market, you can explore the High Line. It all depends on the tourist's interests. Bon voyage!

13 days ago

Primera vez 😊 Gracias por toda la info!! Tomo apuntes, gracias 🤗