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Viaje a Kobe por 4 días

11 days ago

This time I decided to go to Kobe, it's not as popular a city as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and it's better known for its exquisite "Kobe Meat" but I really think it's much more than that, it's really worth going and at least staying for two days to get to know this wonderful place.
I spent four days, my initial budget was 40,000 yen but I ended up spending 38,500 yen, including everything. Transportation was: 6,310 yen, food 5,835 yen, accommodation for 3 nights in 2 different hotels: 11,250 ( I recommend the hostels: Guesthouse Kobe and Brücke Arima kobe) and extra expenses such as souvenirs and amusement tickets: 15,008. It was a very beautiful trip! I had the opportunity to see the harbour (Kobe Harborland), Chinatown, Oji Zoo, Mount Rokko and Arima Onsen! I'll definitely come back! ?

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