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Covid-19 related cancellation

15 days ago

I have booked Typically Swiss Hotel Tascherhof in Zermatt early April but obviously the country is in a state of lockdown but their GM is very persistent on not giving me a refund when all the other hotels in booked for my trip have done so. What can I do? It is really not what I wanted as I really wanted to visit Switzerland again for my one year wedding anniversary (went there last year for my honeymoon) but this hotel just wouldn’t understand. In fact https://Booking.com has declared force majeure to its partners but this hotel refuses to comply with the provider’s suggestion to refund guests affected by the covid outbreak.

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United Kingdom
12 days ago

We understand the current situation may force you to change your plans. The best way we can support you is by visiting the Help Centre since that way we can look into your existing bookings.

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