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Two girls' first time in Cuba

1 month ago

plan to visit havana, vinales and trinidad. Any tips on renting a car and self drive there?

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United States of America
1 month ago

Just back from Cuba, we rented a car, probably best to get a shared taxi from Havana to Trinidad, it's a walking town and car isn't much use. Take the same up to Ceinfeugos, which you shouldn't miss. Alot of couples and solo travelers that you can split the fair with. Car rental isn't like anywhere else in the world. Very dodgy. Roads are a mess, some smaller roads are very bad with large potholes like craters. Blow outside are common, we had two in five days. Sign posts for turns or stops and destination are rare. Gas/ petrol is hard to find outside of cities and sometimes the run out. Your there to enjoy your holiday, let someone else do the driving.