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Hotel Malcom and Barret: places to stay as a couple

10 days ago

We had this hotel booked since November for a 3 day stay next week. I’ve sent lots of emails via https://booking.com to ask if these dates could be delayed because of the Coronavirus and not being able to get a flight. Knowing that the hotel was closed I finally cancelled a few days ago now I see there is an option to change the dates....can anything be done.


Moving your booking to a future date depends on the policies of the reservation. Please sign in using either your https://Booking.com account or confirmation number and PIN, select the booking you want to change, and you’ll see what options are available. You may also contact the property to ask for a date change.

United Kingdom
9 days ago

Hi thank you for the reply. I have tried all of those things..online chat, sending emails and I’m very aware that these are exceptional circumstances but we were due to stay 30/3 and on my part not wishing to just not come I have now cancelled. I will try to email the property direct..not through https://booking.com..Thanks for advice.