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First time Cuba visitor. Gringo.

1 month ago

What do I actually need for vaccinations? Typhus? Yellow Fever?
I know from Vancouver Canada, on the plane the visitor card/visa is given out.
Best I can tell just proof of $50 a day for each day in Cuba.

What essentials do you know you must bring 5hat are not in Cuba?
Moisturizers or Sunscreen?

Apartemento will send taxi CUC 25-30. What is % for a tip%

Any special things to bring for Cubans that are essential but hard to find?
Children’s clothing. Shoes. Extra older model cellphone in good shape?
Cell to use on vacation @nd give as a gift on last day.

Other suggestions? Jan 13-26 2020.

Mucho Gusto!


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1 month ago

I don’t use what’s up. It’s simple few questions. Unless you mean accommodations I have everything booked thank you. Gracias.

1 month ago

We don’t bother with vaccines. And it’s hard to ask them what they need cause they’re very humble. Stay in a couple different casa till you find the right people to connect with. They will help you with everything from then on...
Bring stuff like Tylenol, tooth paste, razors etc. Stuff like this is expensive for them to buy in Cuba. iPhone SE can be used in Cuba. We are bringing one for a friend. Most other phones won’t work there.

Hello in Cuba, we very much appreciate the gifts, whatever.


11 days ago

Hello beautiful people!! We're going to Cienfuegos in March for a few days, I wanted to ask if you would please recommend private homes to stay, since I already appreciate all possible info!!!Greetings!!!