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Please help

1 month ago

Is Tulum a save vacation spot? I have a vacation coming up but I’m a little about my safety.

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United States of America
13 days ago

I have a trip in may to Tulum.
I am staying at the una Vida hotel.
I was actually browsing the site with the same inquiry. Based on what I read online regarding Tulum along with my ex fiancée whom visited Tulum
Stated it’s one of the safest places to visit as a solo traveler . Hopefully someone else can provide a better insight ! Good luck with you trip!

12 days ago

I live in canucn but I know tulum. For security livel is more or less the same if we soften from quintanaroo state better and calmer it's yucatan state that's 100% safe. I can't say you get mugged anywhere in cancun, tulum, beach of ecka carmes but if I can see the truth grow in that 8 years that I live here in cancun, then I say that if a traveler can come here alone, just be careful a little bit, I don't think there's a big problem ok greetings