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Malta: places to stay as a couple, low budget

16 days ago

where to stay for travel comfort to see the island in 4 days

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15 days ago

4 years in a row in Malta for me. I think the best place to stay is Bugibba, very nice for a couple and the most comfortable place I've seen in Malta with restaurants near the square (I advise Tal Pjazza, good value for money), a nice promenade and full served with buses for all destinations. For the buses you can buy the tallinja card (€15 with 12 journeys or 21€ with unlimited journeys in 7 days). The buses takes you everywhere. If you have only 4 days I recommend a trip to Gozo especially Ramla Bay (beautiful red sand beach) and Victoria (the capital of Gozo), The Blue Lagoon in Comino (you can go there when coming back from Gozo), while on the main island my favourite beaches are Little Armier (relaxing) and Ghadira (bigger but very nice), then other nice beaches are Golden Bay (more noisy and addicted to younger people) and Paradise Bay (not bad but not my first choice). You can visit Rabat (Medina, the old capital), and take a look if there is some festival with fireworks on the island...fireworks in Malta are simply crazy (as there is a big fireworks factory).
Anyway, 4 days low budget...take place in Bugibba and move by bus (and ferry) that's what I've done and it was great