Explore and find hotels in Angola

With a steadily increasing tourism trade, Angola sets the stage for nature’s most spectacular sights. Elephants, zebras and wildebeest roam through the vast national parks, and one of the continent’s largest waterfalls can be found along the Lucala River. Prepare yourself for somewhere authentically African. Angola offers vast stretches of wilderness to lose yourself in, but if you want somewhere to let loose, then capital city, Luanda, is the place to go. Various parties and nightclubs around the city play everything from European house music to traditional Semba music. While in town, you should also pay a visit to the 16th-century Saint Michael Fortress or take a stroll along the picture-perfect harbour. A few hours south of Luanda is Cabo Ledo, a beach renowned for its surfing whether you’re a newbie or a know-it-all. If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to walk on the moon, then a walk through Miradouro da Lua might give you some idea. Translated to “Moon Valley Viewpoint’, this beautifully barren surface was formed from jagged cliffs which have been eroded by the wind and sea. Luanda is by far the most common place to find accommodation, and offers a wide selection of hotels, apartments and a few guest houses.