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Made up of five main islands, this Polynesian paradise is located halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand. While the native language is Samoan, English is widely spoken and US culture is prevalent – especially in TV, music and food. But the fa’a Samoa (Samoan way of life) is well preserved through social practices, art and dance. Most of American Samoa’s population call Tutuila their home. As the main island, it’s where you’ll find the biggest choice of activities like scenic hikes, watersports and heritage tours of Pago Pago – the main city. The landscape is a breathtaking blend of jagged mountain peaks contrasted with dense rainforest. Swaying palm trees cast their silhouettes onto the powdery white sand of Two Dollar Beach, whilst huge cruise ships cast their anchors at the eye-catching harbour. Head a few kilometres north and you’ll reach part of the National Park of American Samoa. This tropical oasis showcases the Samoan history and culture through the likes of traditional dance performances. It’s also home to the likes of fruit bats, rare birds and spectacular coral reef. Most islands offer hotels, with options close to beaches and hiking trails.