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With more shades of green than Claude Monet’s palette, Bangladesh is arguably the garden of southern Asia. Its abundance of rivers (more than 700) make it easy to navigate through the country by boat. Leave the labyrinth of waterways and you’ll find yourself truly off the beaten path. There is so much to see in Bangladesh, but it’s worth stopping off in the capital, Dhaka, for at least a day. The old town, known as “Puran Dhaka” is an open-air museum, with centuries-old buildings housing local craft shops. You’ll also come across the famous Haji Biriyani restaurant which serves just one dish – mutton biryani – said to be the best in the world. Outside of the city, the country’s wild side is home to endless tea estates, beaches and forests. Sundarbans National Park is where you’ll find Bangladesh’s majestic national animal – the royal bengal tiger – often found basking in the sun by the river banks. Bangladesh also has the world’s longest uninterrupted natural beach – Cox’s Bazar. In major cities like Dhaka and Chittagong, you’ll find an assortment of hotels, from humble to high-end. Budget hotels can be found across various other parts of the country.

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