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Nestled between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Bahrain glistens with Arabian authenticity and culture. Certainly one for any Bahrain travel checklist is the Ahmed Al Fateh Mosque (The Grand Mosque). Located in the capital of Manama, it’s free to enter, humble in design, yet awe-inspiring at the same time. Bargaining at Manama’s souks (markets) is a great way to blend in with the locals, offering everything from spices to pearls and 24-carat gold, they’re a prime spot for picking up great souvenirs. The ancient Bahrain Fort is situated eight kilometres west of the capital. Dating back to 2300 BC, it’s an ideal spot to observe some of the country’s most interesting ruins. The remains of a huge castle citadel are still well preserved and you’re free to explore the various spaces free of charge. Manama and its surrounding areas are home to luxurious spa hotels and many well-known chains. Some offer direct beach access and can organise water sports activities such as diving and sailing trips.

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