Explore and find hotels in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

More than 2,000 km off the West Australian coast, The Cocos (Keeling) Islands make up one of the most remote archipelagos on earth. All together there are 27 islands, each covered with coconut palms and fringed with white-sand beaches, though only two are inhabited: West Island and Home Island. West Island provides the sort of experience you’d expect from a tropical oasis in the middle of the Indian Ocean – scuba diving trips, turtle nesting sites, canoe safaris and even kitesurfing – you can do it all here. There are plenty of bar and restaurants here too, and a popular way to finish the day off is with a drink at Cocos Club, under the glowing sunset. Home Island offers something different. Around 450 Cocos-Malay people live here, practising Sunni Islam and maintaining their own unique dress code. Places to stay are scarce, but a two-hour cultural tour of the island, which offers fascinating insight into the way this friendly community lives, can be arranged. Discover Cocos Malay traditions, try basket weaving, learn a few Cocos-Malay words and visit the museum. On nearby Direction Island you'll find Cossies Beach, which, with its powdery white sands, swaying palm trees and crystal-clear water, is one of Australia’s most renowned beaches. The West Island offers a range of accommodation that includes beachside retreats, bungalows and cottages.