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A tiny nation with a big profile, you’ll soon see how classically British this rocky peninsular of Gibraltar is, despite the warm Mediterranean climate. Traditional red phone boxes, Union Jack flags and British supermarkets dot the streets of its one settlement, where English is the native tongue. No matter where you go here, the Rock of Gibraltar looms large. Take the cable car right to the top of this giant limestone ridge to enjoy the fantastic sea views, with the jagged African coastline clearly visible on the horizon. Then narrow your focus and look for Gibraltar’s most famous residents: the Barbary Macaques, the only wild population of monkeys in Europe. These cheeky apes are used to human contact and may climb on you, so hold on to your belongings! Beneath the rock, The Great Siege Tunnels tell captivating stories of resistance from WWII and the 18th century, when French and Spanish forces tried to capture Gibraltar. Take a tour of the tunnels, which were originally dug out using only gunpowder and hand tools, to understand their historic significance. Dig deeper into Gibraltar’s history with a visit to its Moorish Castle, and deeper still with a tour of its stalagmite-filled caves, where concerts are regularly held. As far as accommodation goes, you can find a variety of mid-range hotels and private apartments available to rent around the headland.

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