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Libya is a country with much to offer the intrepid traveller. Beyond its long coastline are ancient mountain trails, endless plains of rolling desert, and no fewer than seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among these are Leptis Magna, the ruins of a once prominent city in the Roman Empire, straddling the Mediterranean coast in the north western region of Tripolitania. Hire a guide to tour the site, which includes a remarkably well-preserved amphitheatre and arch. This region is also home to Tripoli, Libya’s sprawling capital. Here, you can explore old castles, impressive mosques and the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, the only surviving Roman monument in the city. Libya’s north-eastern region is home to the even older ruins of Cyrene, once the most important of five ancient Greek cities in Africa. For a glimpse into this historic era, arrange a tour from the nearby town of Shahhat. For a slice of adventure, take on the soaring temperatures out on the open roads, here you'll find the vast, desert region of Saharan Libya. In the west, the oasis Berber town of Ghadames is an outstanding example of a traditional, pre-Saharan settlement. In the south-west corner you’ll find Ghat, another ancient village with prehistoric rock paintings and very challenging desert terrain. Accommodation is very limited in Libya, with only very few hotels available in Tripoli.

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