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Skyscraping mountains, shimmering lakes, historic ruins and intriguing architecture – as a destination, Macedonia (FYROM) is arguably one of Europe’s most underrated countries. The capital city of Skopje offers a multitude of sights to see, from neoclassical statues to modern-day monuments. Stroll across Stone Bridge to Macedonia Square, and stand in the shadow of Alexander the Great. Or climb the hillside to the imposing Kale Fortress for fantastic views over the city. Western Macedonia boasts a great variety of attractions, from beautiful national parks to cultural heritage sites. The most celebrated of these is Lake Ohrid, a dreamy stretch of water flanked by an eponymous town thought to be one of the oldest settlements in Europe. Wander round for a few hours, or climb the hillside to the medieval fortress that overlooks the lake. Ohrid also serves as a base from where you can launch yourself into a surrounding countryside of soaring mountains, glacial lakes and remote villages. Galičica National Park is sprinkled with churches, monasteries and Ottoman mosques – the latter a result of the country being under Ottoman rule for some 500 years. In the colder months, Mavrovo National Park, which lies to the east, turns from hiking paradise to winter wonderland, with its very own ski resort. Accommodation is readily available throughout the country, with the bulk found in Skopje and around Lake Ohrid. Hostels and guesthouses are less common but you’ll still find a few in the busier areas.

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