Explore and find hotels in Niue

Pronounced ‘New-ay’, this Pacific island’s name literally translates to ‘coconut’, which have been growing on its coast for many years. Niue may be the world’s smallest independent nation but what it lacks in size it makes up for with its wonderfully dramatic landscape. Nicknamed ‘The Rock’ by locals, the island is not one for beachgoers but certainly well suited for the adventurous traveller. Niue is dotted with caves and limestone arches which are perfect for exploring on foot or by swimming through. The hiking haven of Huvalu Forest Conservation Area makes up 20% of the island’s land area and is teeming with wildlife including coconut crabs and fruit bats. Numerous other activities are available, such as diving, cycling and golf. The Utuko Reef in Alofi and reef pools at Hio Beach make for excellent beginner snorkelling spots. The capital Alofi has a selection of hotels and holiday rentals available.