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Legend has it that San Marino was founded by Saint Marinus in AD301, after he and a small community of Christians took refuge on Mount Titano. Since then, this tiny, self-governed micronation has clung to the rocky slopes of this mountain, surviving centuries of Italian power swings. Most visitors head straight for Its UNESCO-listed capital, Città di San Marino. Perched atop Mount Titano, the city hides medieval architecture and quaint cobblestone streets, which can be easily explored within a day. Watch the changing of the guard ceremony at Palazzo Pubblico, one of San Marino’s longstanding rituals. Crowning Titano’s neighbouring peaks are three spectacular towers. Cesta Tower, which includes a museum, promises sweeping views all the way out to the Adriatic Sea. Guaita Tower, formerly a prison, overlooks the smaller Sammarinese villages below. The third and smallest tower, Montale, is not open to the public. Though there are many cultural similarities between San Marino and Italy, this landlocked nation does possess a personality of its own. The best way to experience it is to simply wander the narrow streets, and follow the walkways up and down the hillsides – there are plenty of surprises in store. If you plan to stay the night, there’s a good range of hotels to choose from on Mount Titano, while a variety of apartments, guesthouses and hostels can be found on lower ground.

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