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Situated on the northern coast of South America, Suriname may be the smallest independent on the continent, but it’s well stocked with dense tropical rainforest and a wealth of wildlife. A third of the country is national nature reserves, so you won’t be short of a few scenic hiking routes. The Amazon region is home to thousands of monkeys, birds and reptiles, and if you’re lucky you may even spot a few river dolphins. The capital city of Paramaribo is a melting pot of ethnicities and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historic buildings. It’s also Suriname’s cultural core, with a wide selection of museums, religious buildings, gardens and vibrant markets. Due to the ethnic diversity, you’ll be able to choose from delicious Indian, Chinese, Javanese and Creole cuisine. Paramaribo is the easiest place to find a range of accommodation, offering a wide variety of hotels, B&Bs and guest houses.

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