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Taiwan may be one island, but it can feel like two different worlds. Most of this floating landmass is claimed by densely mountainous terrain, home to four national parks and several forest recreations. Within one short trip you could be hiking through the marble-walled Taroko Gorge, climbing the slopes of Mount Xueshan, boating on beautiful Sun Moon Lake, or jungle-trekking in Wulai. The rest of the island forms the chaotic tangle of highways, districts and mega cities that Taiwan is perhaps best known for. But, amidst the towering skyscrapers – among which the bamboo-shaped Taipei 101 is most notable – are thousands of temples, teahouses and food stalls that form the core of Taiwan’s identity. In Taipei, the glittering capital, you can lose hours shopping in the commercial district, while Taichung, considered to be the island’s food capital, is bound to drive your tastebuds wild. Further south lie the cities of Tainan, famous for its historic Anping District, and Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s industrial harbour capital. But whichever side of the island you find yourself in, one thing invariably stays the same: a warm and welcoming culture where you’re sure to encounter numerous acts of kindness. In short, there are thousands of hotels, apartments and lodges available in Taiwan – in all but the most remote areas of parkland. As you’d expect, the bulk of it can be found in the bigger cities.

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