Explore and find Hotels in Abkhazia

Brimming with coastal and countryside charm, Abkhazia sits on the sub-tropical shores of the Black Sea, with Russia to the north and Georgia to the east. This picturesque republic offers a treasure trove of off-the-beaten track sights, such as the beautiful lakes of Ritsa and Msui hidden high in the mountains. There's also the mysterious Novy Afon Monastery, home to numerous caves of stalagmite and stalactite rock formations. The capital city of Sukhumi is known for its palm tree-lined boulevards, botanical gardens and beaches. The town’s scenic promenade is a prime people-watching spot, with several restaurants and bars dotted along the way. A variety of guest houses and hotels can be found along the coastline, with the majority in the towns of Gagra, Sukhumi, Novy Afon and Pizunda.