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Beihai Underwater World
Beihai Oceanorama
Silver Beach
Beibuwan Square
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Beihai Railway Station



Hotels in Beihai


Beihai Shangri-la Hotel
Furama Hotel Beihai
Golden Shining New Century Grand Hotel Beihai
Vienna Hotel Beihai Beibu Bay Square


21° Vacation Hotel
北海北部湾一号One Day海景公寓酒店
Beihai Haizhitai House Sufubi Gallery Hotel Branch
Beihai Hemei Resort
Beihai Luhai Hotel
Beihai Lvweisi International Hotel
Beihai Nanzhu Palace Hotel
Beihai Sixiang Inn
Echarm Hotel Beihai Railway Station
Excemon Beihai Beach Hotel
Excemon Beihai Beach Hotel
Guangxi Power Grid Corporation Beihai Training Center
Huangdu Hotel
Pearl Bay Seaview Hotel Beihai
Silver Beach 1 International Conference Centre Hotel
South Pacific International Hotel
Tulips International Hotel
Vienna Classic Hotel Guangxi Beihai Yintan
Yinxiang Holiday Hotel
Yun Hai Garden Hotel
Zhiboyuan Boutique Hotel


726 Youth Hostel
Beihai Aegean Sea Holiday Hotel
Beihai Bainian Fudi Hotel
Beihai Ocean Castle Hotel
Beihai Overseas Chinese Hotel
Beihai Tianhaiyun Hotel
Beihai Weizhou Island From Summer to Fall Coffee Villa
Beihai Yuedong Hotel
Canaan Seaview Apartment
Chenhai Resort Hotel
City Comfort Inn Beihai Beibu Gulf Square Branch
City Comfort Inn Beihai Beijing Rd Yizhong Branch
City Comfort Inn Beihai Dongdu Baihui Branch
City Comfort Inn Beihai RT Mart Branch
Jinjiang Inn Beihai Beibu Gulf Square
Jinyuan Hotel
Liyuan International Hotel
Weizhou Island Yijia Sea Fun Holiday Hotel
Weizhou Island You'an Hotel
Yasite Hotel Beihai Beibuwan Square
Yintan Star of the Sea Hotel
Zixuanzhuang Holiday Hotel


21 Degree Hostel
7Days Inn Beihai Waishadao Laojie
Beihai Weizhou Island Small Time Inn
Hanting Express Beibuwan Plaza
Home Inn Beihai Beibuwan Square Guizhou Road
Home Inn Beihai Beibuwan Square Night Market
Weizhou Island Wan Jia Deng Huo Inn


A Drop in the Ocean Hostel
A Inn
Another Home
Aubrey Seaview Apartment BH
Beihai Haibei Hostel
Beihai Haiyouyu Hostel
Beihai Holiday Zi Zhu Shinkansen Inn Railway Station Branch
Beihai Kunta Seaside Hotel
Beihai Manmiao Youth Inn
Beihai Mr.Pei's House
Beihai Old Town Holiday Seaview Inn
Beihai SHANSHANG See Sun Youth Hostel
Beihai Silver Beach hotel apartment
Beihai Weizhou Island Iris Theme Hotel
Beihai Weizhou Island off-road e stack Youth Hostel(北海涠洲岛越野e栈青年旅社)
Beihai Weizhou Island See Gull Inn
Beihai Yijia Zaixian Apartment
Beihai Youth International Capsule Hostel
Blue Bay Inn
Bo Xing Hotel
Cozy Time Hostel
Da Xing Inn
DDR Deng Dao Ren Guesthouse
Dream and Fate Guest Inn
Estay Residence Apartment Beihai
Flower in Eden
Golden Bay Mansion
Guang Wu Inn
Haishangju Holiday Hotel
Haisu Seaview Guesthouse
Haixing Inn
He Xin Hostel
Jasmine Resort Hotel
Jasmine Silver Beach Hotel
Life As Summer Flowers Art Hotel
Liu Da Xian Golf Club Vacation Apartment
Meeting with you in Beihai
Mr.Zhang Meets Ms.Lu Youth Hostel
Muhai Guesthouse
New Century Manju Hotel Beihai Yintan
North Bay No.1 Ocean View Apartment Hotel
ONE House
Pusu Inn Weizhou Island
Qian Li Yuan
Sea View High Floor Hostel
Shangceng Architecture International Art Seaview Apartment
ShiwaiTaoyuan Three Bedroom Two Living Room Apartment
Shuhai Zhuangyuan Inn
Snail Hostel
South Bay Seaview Hotel of Weizhou Island
Suli Seaofgalilee Seaview Apartment
Super 8 Guangxi Beihai Beibuwang Square
The fairy tale castle theme Inn
The Fish In North
The Flowers&Pots Hotel
The West Window Impression
Tian Cheng Bin Guan
Tu'an Haijing Holiday Apartment
Voyager Inn
Wanquancheng 21 Inn
WBS Hostel
Wei Zhou Island No.1 Sea View Guesthouse
Weicheng Time Inn
Weizhou Island Bailu Manor
Weizhou Island Chujian Inn
Weizhou Island Haimingdu Guest House
Weizhou Island Nanfan Youyou Inn
Weizhou Island Sunshine Hotel
Weizhou Island Tiny Time Inn
Weizhou Island Water Home Inn
Weizhou Island Xinjia Yuansu Hotel
Weizhou Qingxing Inn
Weizhou Qingyi Inn
Weizhou Time Inn
Xialibaren Hostel Weizhou Island
Xinhai Holiday Business Hotel
Yanyang Inn
Yihai Home Seaview Apartment
Yike Guesthouse Weizhou
Yintan fishing village in Beihai
Yintan Lotus Courtyard
Yintan Seaview Holiday Apartment
Yu Mansion Sea View Holiday Apartment

Places nearby

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