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Places of Interest

Business Areas
Kristiine District
D Terminal
Passenger Terminal B
Passenger Terminal A
Toompea Castle
Tallinn Town Hall
St. Mary's Cathedral (Toomkirik)
St. John's Church
Bastion Passages
St. Charles' Church
Tallinn TV Tower
St. Nicolas' Orthodox Church
Tallinn Synagogue
Estonian National Opera
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Tallinn City Walls
House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads
Canute's Guild Hall
St. Olav's Church
Church of the Holy Ghost
Great Coastal Gate
Estonian Open Air Museum
Niguliste Museum-Concert Hall
Kadriorg Art Museum
Kadriorg Palace
Dominican Monastery Museum
Tallinn City Museum
Kumu Art Museum
Estonian History Museum
Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour
The Great Guild Hall
Danish King's Garden
Tallinn Botanical Garden
Popular Areas
Tallinn International Bus Station
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
St. Catherine's Passage
Tallinn Town Hall Square
Science Centre AHHAA
Telliskivi Creative City
Tallinn Zoo
Shopping Areas
Foorum Shopping Centre
Viru Shopping Centre
Tallinn Christmas Markets
Solaris Center
Stadiums or Arenas
Kalevi Stadium
A. Le Coq Arena
Nordea Concert Hall
Kadriorg Stadium
Saku Suurhall Arena
Train Stations
Tallinn Train Station


Tallinn Old Town
Rocca al Mare
Tallinn City Center

Hotels in Tallinn


Radisson Blu Sky Hotel
Savoy Boutique by TallinnHotels
Schlössle Hotel
St Petersbourg Hotel
Swissotel Tallinn
Hotel Telegraaf
The Three Sisters Boutique Hotel


Baltic Hotel Vana Wiru
Barons Boutique Hotel Tallinn
CRU Hotel
Dharma Yoga Residence Apartments
Hotel Euroopa
Hotel Imperial
Kalev Spa Hotel & Waterpark
Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn
Hotel L'Ermitage
Merchants House Hotel
Meriton Old Town Garden Hotel
My City Hotel
Nordic Hotel Forum
OldHouse Apartments
Original Sokos Hotel Viru
Padriku Apartment
Hotel Palace by TallinnHotels
Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn
PK Ilmarine Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia
Hotel Rocca al Mare
Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria
St.Olav Hotel
Tallink City Hotel
Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel
Tallinn Viimsi Spa
The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn
Hotel Ülemiste


Hotel Bern by TallinnHotels
Braavo Spa Hotel
Hotel Dzingel
Go Hotel Shnelli
Meriton Old Town Hotel
Metropol Hotel
Hotel Old Town Maestro's
Oru Hotel
Pirita Spa Hotel
Rixwell Gotthard Hotel
Rixwell Olevi Hotel
Hotel St. Barbara
Susi Hotel
Taanilinna Hotel
Tähetorni Hotel
Tallink Express Hotel
Tallinn Seaport Hotel
Three Crowns Residents


16eur - Rotermanni
Alexi Villa
Center Hotel
City Hotel Tallinn by Unique Hotels
Lilleküla Hotel
OldHouse Hostel
Tatari 53 Hotel


16eur - Fat Margaret


16eur - Old Town Munkenhof
50 Shades Apartment
60m2 Studio Apartment
Aarde Apartments
Aasa Apartments
Absolute Apartments
Academic Hostel
Adamsoni Apartment
Adelle Apartments
Aedvilja Apartment
Allika Apartment
Allika Finest Apartment
Alpha Residence Apartments
Alter Stuudio
Angleterre Apartments
Anni 8 Apartment
Apartament near Old town
Apartment at Mere pst
Apartment Majaka
Apartment Near City Center
Apartment Tartu mnt 55
Apartment24 - Foorum
Apartment24 - Sakala
Apartments in Rataskaevu
Appartament Tallinn Juhkentali
Apple 3 Apartment
Apple 9 Studio
Aquamarine Pirita Hotel
ART Depoo Apartment
Art Gallery Apartment
Astra Apartment
B&B Rex
Baltic Boutique Apartments
Best Apartments - Allika
Best Apartments - Jahu
Best Apartments - Jõe Luxury
Best Apartments - Kotzebue Luxury
Best Apartments - Old Town
Best Apartments - Raua street
Best Apartments - Rotermanni
Best Apartments - Sakala Luxury
Best Apartments - Stroomi
Best Apartments - Uus Street
Best Apartments - Veerenni
Best Apartments - Vene
Best Apartments - Vene 4
Best Apartments - Viru
Best Apartments City Centre
Best Apartments Toom-Kuninga
Best Apartments- Hobujaama
Best Apartments- Jõe
Best Apartments- Kaarli
Best Apartments- Mere residence
Best Apartments- Rataskaevu Studio
Best Apartments- Rävala
Best Apartments-Kotzebue
Best Apartments-Sulevimägi
Blue Sky Lounge Apartment
Bohemian Flat
Calandra Apartment
Casa Kalamaja
Cederhilm Apartment
Central Apartment Kadriorg
Central Apartment Kalamaja
Central Market Apartment
Central Old Tallinn Niguliste Apartments
City Center Apartment
City Center Apartment
City Center Apartment - Niine 10
City Center Apartment Raua
City Center Apartments Tallinn
City Center Daily Apartment
City Center Garden Camping
City Center Loft
City Center Penthouse
City Centre Duplex Apartment
City Centre Foorum Viru Studio
City Centre Gonsiori Apartment
City Centre Lootsi Studio
City Heart Apartments - Rotermanni kvartal
City Hruštšovka Apartment
City Marina Apartment
Classic Apartments - Narva mnt.6
Classic Apartments - Sügise 14
Classic Apartments - Suur-Karja 18
Classic Apartments - V.Reimani 6
Daily Apartments - Freedom Square
Daily Apartments - Ilmarine
Daily Apartments - Kauka
Daily Apartments - Old Town Pikk
Daily Apartments - Raua
Daily Apartments - Sauna
Daily Apartments - Solaris
Daily Apartments - Stockmann
Daily Apartments - Tatari
Daily Apartments - Viru Penthouse
Delta Apartments - Town Hall
Delta Apartments Old Town Basic
Delta Apartments Old Town Comfort
Delta Apartments Old Town Deluxe
Delta Apartments Old Town Family
Delta Apartments Old Town Studio
Design Apartment
Dharma Downtown Luxury Apartment
Dharma Pirita Sea View Apartments
Diamond Apartment
Downtown Residence Apartments - Lootsi
Downtown Residence Apartments - Narva Mnt
Dunkri Old Town Apartment
Ecoland Spa Hotel
Economy Baltics Apartments
Economy Baltics Apartments - Keldrimäe
Economy Baltics Apartments - Liivamäe
Economy Baltics Apartments - Narva 16
Economy Hotel
EELC Holy Spirit Parish Guesthouse
Ehitajate tee Apartment
Endla City Center Apartment
Estera Apartment Idakeskus
Estera Apartment Kopli
Estinn Apartment
Euphoria Hostel
Eva Villa
Fahle Luxury Apartment
Flatmanagement Kaupmehe Apartments
Foorum Apartment
Fresh Apartment Tallinn
Gonsiori 13 Apartment
Gonsiori 3 City Center Apartment
Goodson & Red City Style Apartments
Goodson & Red Downtown Apartments
Goodson & Red Harbour Apartment
Goodson & Red Ilmarine Apartment
Goodson & Red Old Town Apartments
Goodson & Red Tatari apartment
Goodson & Red Veerenni
Green City Residence
Green Garden Apartments
Harju Old Town Apartment
Harju Street Apartment
Harmonie Homestay
Heart Apartment
Heart Of City Apartment
Hilltop Apartments - City Centre
Hilton Tallinn Park
Historic Apartment Tallinn
Hobusepea Apartment
Home in Tallinn Centre
Hostel Tallinn
Humala Guest House
Jakobsoni Hostel
Jõe Apartment
Jõe Apartments
Jõe5 Apartment
Juhkentali 32 Apartment
Kaarli 8 Apartment
Kaarli Apartment
Kadriorg Center Apartment
Kadriorg Vilmsi Apartment
Kalamaja Apartment
Kalamaja Apartment
Karu City Center Apartment
Kase Nice Small Villa
Kaupmehe 7 Apartment with Balcony
Kaupmehe Accomodation
Kaupmehe Guest House
Kaupmehe Tallinn Apartment
Keldrimäe Apartment
Kelluka Guesthouse
Kentmanni Apartment
Kentmanni Apartment
Kinga Old Town Apartment
Kodu Accommodation
Kohver Hostel
Koidu 10 Apartment
Koidu 68 Apartment
Koidu Apartment
Köleri 26 Apartment
Köleri Central Apartment
Kollane apartment
Komeedi Apartment
Kopli Guest Apartment
Kosmos Apartment
Kreutzwaldi Penthouse
Kristiine Residence
Kullasepa Residence Apartment
Kullassepa Apartment
Kunderi Accommodation
Kuninga Apartments
Lai Apartment
Lastekodu 15 Apartment
Lastekodu Daily Apartment
Laulupeo Apartment
Lee Apartments
Lembitu 14 apartment
Liikuri 8a Apartment
Liikuri Apartments
Liivalaia 21 Apartment
Liivalaia 42 Apartment
Liivalaia 5 Apartment
Liivalaia Accomodation
Liivalaia Apartment
Liivalaia Residents
Limestone Park Apartment
Linda Apartments
Loode Apartment
Lootsi 3 Apartment
Lovely Home Apartment
Luha Apartment
Luise Apartment
Luxury Apartment near Old Town
Luxury City Center Apartment
Mahtra Hostel
Majaka Apartment
Männiku Jalgpallikeskus
Mardi 6 Apartment
Marine Keskus
Marta Accommodation
Marta Guesthouse Tallinn
Matrix Apartments
Medieval Studio Apartment
MO Hostel
Müürivahe Apartments Old Town
Narva mnt 5 Apartment
Narva mnt Apartment
Narva mnt Homestay
Nataly Guest House
Nelli Apartment Vabaduse
Nepi Hotell
New Tatari Apartment
Niguliste Loft
NN Aia Apartment
NN Narva mnt Apartment
Nord Hostel
Old Tallinn 1Hostel
Old Town Apartment
Old Town Apartment -Pagari 1
Old Town Boutique Apartment
Old Town Charm Apartments
Old Town Hostel Alur
Old Town Luxury Penthouse Apartment
Old Town Romantic Apartment
Old Town Sauna Apartment
Old Town Studio Apartement
Olematu Rüütel
Oliva Apartments
Ööbiku Holiday Home
Osten Tor Apartment
Oti Guesthouse
Pallasti Apartment
Park Apartment Tallinn
Park Apartments
Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn
Parkers Boutique Apartments
Parkers Boutique Apartments - Old Town
Parkers Boutique Apartments - Old Town Square
Patarei Apartment
Peetrikese Apartment
Pepmar City Centre Apartments
Pika Hermanni Apartment
Pikk 40 Apartment
Pikk 49 Residence
Pikk Old Town Apartment
Pilve Apartments
Pirita tee 28a Apartment
Pirita tee Apartment
Pöörise Apartment
Poska Villa Guesthouse
Private Apartment
Pronksi 3 Apartments
Raekoja Apartment
Raekoja Residence
Raekoja Square Apartment
Rapunzel Tower Apartment
Rataskaevu Apartment
Rataskaevu Guest House
Rataskaevu Residence by OldHouse Apartments
Raua 26 Apartment
Rävala 11 Apartment
Red Emperor Hostel
Reimani Tallinn Apartment
RestWell Apartment
RestWell Mere
Reval Apartment - City Center
River 5 Apartment
Rocca Apartments
Romeo Family Apartment - Studio Lai
Romeo Family Apartments
Romeo Family Kaarli Apartment
Romeo Family Uus Apartments
Rotalia Apartments
Rotermann Deluxe Studio
Rotermanni 5 Apartment
Rotermanni apartment with sea view
Rotermanni Apartments
Rotermanni Big Apartment
Rotermanni City Terrace Apartment
Rotermanni District Apartment
Rotermanni Guest Apartments
Rotermanni Sea View Apartment
Rotermanni Studio-Apartment
Sakala 22 Apartment
Sakala Hostel
Sakala Residence Apartments
Saue 1 Apartment
Savella Apartment
Scandinavian Style Apartment
Seaside Apartment
Shnelli Apartments
Sikupilli Apartments
Simple Apartment
Skoone Old Town Loft
Sleeptal Apartments
Solar Apartments - Foorum Centre
Solar Apartments - Foorum Sea View
Solar Apartments - Old Town Uus Street
Solar Apartments - Town Hall Square
Sõpruse 13 Apartment
Spa Hotel Lavendel
Stay In Estonia Apartments - Toom-Kooli
Stroomi Eco Apartments Tallinn
Stroomi Residents Apartments
Studio Flat Tallinn
Sütiste Apartement
Sutochno Majaka Apartment
Sutochno Pallasti Apartment
Sutochno Punane apartment
Sutochno Torn Apartment
Sutochno Tulika Apartment
Suur-Karja 18 Penthouse Apartment
Suur-Karja Accommodation
Suur-Karja Apartment - Old Town
Tabinoya - Tallinn's Holiday Apartment
Tabinoya - Tallinn's Travellers House
Tallinn Al-Mare Apartment
Tallinn Apartment Suur-Ameerika
Tallinn Backpackers
Tallinn Center Apartment
Tallinn Center Apartment - Gonsiori street
Tallinn Central Penthouse Studio
Tallinn Centre Modern Family Apartment
Tallinn City Apartments - Central
Tallinn City Apartments - Old Town
Tallinn City Apartments Old Town Toompea
Tallinn City Apartments Residence
Tallinn City Center Apartment
Tallinn City Center Studio
Tallinn Heart Apartment
Tallinn Hospidali Apartment
Tallinn Moonlight Apartment
Tanuma Apartment
Tartu mnt 18 Apartment
Tatari 25 Apartment
Tatari Apartment
Teko Hostel
The Knight House
The Monk's Bunk Party Hostel
Tihase Apartments
Tobiase Apartment
Tööstuse Apartment
Torupilli Apartments
Town Hall Square Apartments - City Center
Town Hall Square Apartments - Old Town
Trappi Hotel
Tulika 1 Apartment
Ülase Guest Apartment
United Backpackers Hostel
Urusel Guesthouse
Uus-Tatari Apartment
Vabriku Hostel
Vares Apartments
Vene Residence
Videviku Villa Apartments
Viimsi manor guesthouse Birgitta
Vilde Apartments
Vilde tee Apartment
Villa Hortensia
Villa Lepido
Villa Tiigi
Vilmsi 22 Apartment
Vip Old Town Apartments
VIP Viru Apartment
Viru Backpackers
Viru Centre Apartment
Viru Lux Apartment
Viru Maja
Viru Old Town Apartment
Viru Väljak Apartments
Volta Apartments
Volta Apartments Jõe
Volta Apartments Lootsi
White Villa
Wilde Guest Apartments Old Town
Wismari Holiday Home
WTC Apartment
Your place in Tallinn
Zair Apartments
Zinc Old Town Hostel Tallinn

Places nearby

Vanalinn (0.2 miles)
Kesklinn (0.3 miles)
Toompea (0.5 miles)
Lilleküla (1.6 miles)
Sitsi (2.1 miles)
Pelguranna (2.3 miles)
Tondi (2.6 miles)
Pelgulinn (2.6 miles)
Mõigu (2.7 miles)
Lasnamäe (2.7 miles)
Maarjamäe (2.8 miles)
Varsaallika (3.2 miles)
Paljassaare (3.3 miles)
Kopli (3.5 miles)
Pirita (3.6 miles)
Mustamäe (3.7 miles)
Õismäe (4.2 miles)
Kadaka (4.3 miles)
Kloostrimetsa (4.4 miles)
Pikaliiva (4.5 miles)
Nõmme (4.5 miles)
Järve (4.6 miles)
Merivälja (4.8 miles)
Soodevahe (4.8 miles)

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