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Hotels in Cres


Apartment Agata
Apartment Cres 08
Apartment Cres 09
Apartment Cres 7985a
Apartment Cres 7985b
Apartment Cres 7985c
Apartment Cres 7985d
Apartment Cres 7985e
Apartment Cres 7985f
Apartment Cres 7985g
Apartment Cres 7985h
Apartment Cres with Sea View 10
Apartment Cres with Sea View 11
Apartment Cres with Sea View 12
Apartment Luna
Apartment Sara - Cres
Apartment Sky View
Apartments Kremenic
Apartments Mara Cres
Apartments Villa Marija
Guest house Orbanić Klepač
Rooms Piazzetta
Villa Magnolija
Villa Mio Mare
Villa Nika


5. Element
Aparment Kod Kule
Apartman Dado
Apartman Negovetic
Apartman Petra
Apartmani Ana
Apartmani Čule Cres
Apartmani Ida Hrzic
Apartmani Ivana
Apartment Anamarija Valun
Apartment Cres 7875a
Apartment Cres 7876a
Apartment Cres 7876b
Apartment Cres 7983a
Apartment Cres 7984a
Apartment Cres 7994a
Apartment Cres 8095a
Apartment Diminic Melin
Apartment Dinko
Apartment Djanina
Apartment Dolores
Apartment Duncovich
Apartment Dunja
Apartment Erica
Apartment Erika
Apartment Filipas
Apartment Grabar I
Apartment Ilario
Apartment Ivan
Apartment Jadranka Cres
Apartment Jugo & Bura
Apartment Kate
Apartment Kolman
Apartment Lea
Apartment Lena
Apartment Livia
Apartment Lucija
Apartment Marenic
Apartment Marijela
Apartment Merag
Apartment Merag 11791a
Apartment Mir
Apartment Nelo
Apartment Orbanić Cres
Apartment Panorama
Apartment Patris
Apartment Pleša Cres
Apartment Rajci
Apartment Senad Cres
Apartment Sobe Nada
Apartment Tanja
Apartment Tinna
Apartment Velcic
Apartment Veljko
Apartment Vera
Apartments Borić
Apartments Crepsa
Apartments Cres
Apartments Deželić
Apartments Duomo
Apartments Eta
Apartments Eva
Apartments Klemenc
Apartments Ljubo & Lili
Apartments Matej & Irena
Apartments Muzic
Apartments Mužić II
Apartments Nives
Apartments Palma & Pino
Apartments Pogled na luku
Apartments Pongrac
Apartments Šmit
Apartments Utmar
Apartments Vitkovic
Apartments Vodaric
Apartments Vodarić Loznati
Bungalows Village Stara Gavza
Cesaric Apartment
Charming marine style apartment
Cres Design Apartments
Cres Sučić Apartments
Double Room Cres 2512a
Double Room Cres 2512b
Double Room Cres 2512c
Guest House Floreus Cres
Guest House Glibo
Guesthouse Romana
Holiday Home Loznati
House Krivicic
House Markovina
Hotel Kimen
Hotel Kimen - Annex
Krcina Holiday Home
Panorama Sunset Apartments
Rooms Ester
Rooms Kučić
Rooms Mario
Soba Cres
Studio apartment Cule
Studio Apartment in Cres
Studio Apartment Oliva
Studio Cres
Studio Cres 13312a
Studio Cres 7876a
Studio Cres 7984a
Studio Cres 7984b
Studio Merag 7877a
Studio Merag 7877b
Villa Lavanda


Apartment Anetica
Guesthouse Vera
Porozina Vacation Home
Studio Apartment Marinella
Sudio Apartment Nihar


Apartman Melin
Apartman Solis
Apartmani Luiza
Apartmani Rajmar
Apartment ACI Marina CRES
Apartment and Rooms Anton
Apartment Antonio
Apartment Edita
Apartment Goga
Apartment Marija.1
Apartment Marija.2
Apartment Marija.3
Apartment Morena
Apartments and Room Marija
Apartments Calma
Apartments Dabović
Apartments in Cres/Insel Cres 13668
Apartments Marija
Apartments Ninic
Apartments Sablić
Apartments Tatjana
Guest House Attilia
Haus Mick (400)
Haus Zuza (300)
Haus Zuza (301)
Room Erika
Studio Apartment in Cres

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