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Best Western Hotel Gunsan
Ramada Gunsan Hotel
Savillshotel Gunsan
Benikea Ariul Hotel Gunsan
Gunsan Apple Tree Hotel
Gunsan Fox Tourist Hotel
Gunsan Western Hotel
Hotel Oscar Suite
Welcome Tourist Hotel
Casamila Motel
Cyber Motel
Gunsan La Siesta Hotel
Q Motel
Paradise Hotel
Hwadam Inn

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Pungnae (2.1 miles)
Wŏnmo-ri (2.2 miles)
Oksan (2.5 miles)
Tongjŏng (2.6 miles)
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Man-dong (2.8 miles)
Namnae (2.9 miles)
Kobong-ni (3.1 miles)
Songgong-ni (3.2 miles)
Wŏnu-ri (3.3 miles)
Sanghŭng (3.4 miles)
Changhang (3.5 miles)
Sudong-jŏng (3.5 miles)
Sŏngdŏng-ni (3.7 miles)
Okku (4.3 miles)
Sanwŏl-li (4.4 miles)
Kyedong-ni (6.7 miles)
Tongjisal-li (7.4 miles)
Man'gyŏng (9.2 miles)