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Places of Interest

Yilan County Government
Longtan Lake Yilan
Yilan Dongmen Night Market
Lanyang Tourist Night Market
Wushih Harbour Visitor Centre
Wufengchi Waterfall
Beneficial Microbes Museum and Tourism Factory
Taiwan Theatre Museum
Lanyang Museum
Tangweigou Hot Spring Park
Yilan Riverside Park
Jimmy Park
Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park
Popular Areas
Toucheng Old Street
Toucheng Beach
Shopping Areas
Luna Plaza
Train Stations
Jiaoxi Railway Station
Yilan Railway Station
Sicheng Station
Toucheng Station

Hotels in Jiaoxi


Evergreen Resort Hotel - Jiaosi
MU Jiaoxi Hotel
Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi
Wellspring by Silks


Guan Xiang Century
Jiaoxi-The Riverside
Hotel Les Champs
Sun Spring Resort


58˚ Hotspring Hotel
Baron's Hot Spring Hotel
Beauty Hot Spring Hotel
Champagne Hotel
Dong Chuan Hot Springs Hall
Fairytale Yi Su Hotspring Hotel
Hefong Group - Jiaoxi
Host-On Exquisite Hotspring Hotel
Jade Spring Hot Spring Hotel
Jiaoxi Hot Springs Hotel
Living Water Hotspring Hotel
Longchi Hot-Spring Hotel
Mei Jia Mei Hotel
One Fukun Hotel
Original Springs Hotel
The Beauty Garden
Tian Long Hotel
Yunoyado Onsen


AOIKE Hot Spring Hotel
Hong Yue Zhuang Hotspring Hotel
Onsen Residence
Onsen Villa Hotspring
Prince Hotel


5963 Turn Right B&B
81 Boat
After the Court Chiaohsi
Angel's Inn
Art Spa Hotel
Bai Yun Ge Homestay
Bei Hai Dao
Beyond Home
BV Hotel
Cai Yeye B&B
Campestral Garden
Celebrity Hotspring Hotel
Chiaohsi Mediterranean Spa B&B
Chuang Tang Spring Spa Hotel
Delight B&B
Ding-Ai lnn
Dorothy Hotspring B&B
Duoai Mineral Spring
East Runnel Villa - Bali
East Runnel Villa - Young
East Travel Backpackers
Easy Life Hot Spring Inn
Emmadora B&B
Every Day Hot Spring Hotel
Field Trail B&B
Flower Bird House B&B
Fountain B&B
Frontenac IIan
Fruit B&B
Fukun 5 Motel
Fukun Motel
Full Hot Spring Hotel
Garden Spring Hotel
Genial House
Goodeatting B&B
Green Field Sweet House
Green Lake Villa
Green Life Spa Hot Spring Hotel
Greenfield Hot Spring Inn
Guizl B&B
Half a bed and drink
Happy Shih Chao
Happy Song Homestay
He Tian Ju Villa
Hefong Deyang Hotspring Hotel
Hefong Jaee Hotel
Hong Lai Guest House
Huang Tai Hotel
Ideal Hot Spring Water Hotel
Issmy Hotel Spring Resort
Jabez B&B
Jackmodo B&B
Jiao Xi Yi Dou Hot Spring B&B
Jiaoxi 320 B&B
Jiaoxi Emma House
Jiaoxi Song Tian B&B
Jin Ge hot spring Hotel
Just Sleep Jiao Xi
Kai Cheng Inn
Kilin Jiaoxi
Lan Guei Hot Spring Hotel
Lantein B&B
Left Bank BnB
Life Travel No. 1 Spring House
Life Travel No. 2 Night 18
Love Pine B&B
Lover Hot Spring B&B
Most Natural Hotel
Mountain Moon 22 Villa
Natural Essence of Hot Spring
No. 21 Jiaoxi Hot Spring Homestay
No. 9 Hotel
On The Road B&B
Onsense Villa
Outingfun Bed and Breakfast
P.S Hotel
Paris Villa
Peace Area Hot Spring Hotel
Pokara Resort
Pottery B&B
Pretty Mommy‘s House
Qing Song B&B
Resort One Hotel
Rindu Bed and Breakfast
Running Kids B&B
Ruo Shui Hotspring Hotel
Ruocing Hotel
Season Inn
Shandori Hotel
Shang Shui Yun Ji B&B
Shankou Hotspring Hotel
ShanPu Hot Spring BnB
Shui Geng Yuan Farm B&B
Slower Life B&B
Smoking Rock
Spring Fountain Hotel
Star Shine B&B
Sweetlight B&B
Tan Chi Hotspring
Tang Chao B&B
Tang Cyuan Hot Spring Hotel
Tian Nian B&B
Tian Yan Mountains
Tony's house
Wendy's House
WOWHappy Hot Spring
Xin Sui Yuan Vacation Hall
Yage Hotspring House
Yi Da Li Motel
Ying Xiang Wen Quan Hotel
Yu Peng Villa
Yun Siang B&B
Yunju House
Yutian House
Zum Adler Castle B&B

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