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Places of Interest

Hengchun Old Twon South Gate
Hengchun Old Town West Gate
Hengchun Old Town East Gate
Hengchun Old Town North Gate
Houbihu Harbor
Chuhuo Natural Fire
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium
Maobitou Park
Kenting Forest Recreation Area
Sheding Natural Park
Popular Areas
Kenting Night Market

Hotels in Hengchun Old Town


Fulidun Hotel Kenting


Déten B&B
Kenting Calla Lily Villa


25Villa Hengchun Kenting
28 Path Inn
33 Backpacker
8 Door
Adeanni B&B
Altrove House
And B&B
Ankes Hostel
Another Spring Inn
Art Infinity B&B
Atoll Dive Travel Center
Bai Ji Yi B&B
Beauty Vision B&B
Beras Manor Kenting
Bicycle Inn 2
Cape 42 Hotel I
Cats in summer
Chamie B&B
Chillax Inn
Doll House Lodge
Dream Come True B&B
Dream House
Dreaming Mama Guest House
East Inn
Edinburgh 16 Inn
Emilia Resort
England Rose
Flower Inn
Found Hostel
Fu Bao Wu Villa
Fun Heng Chun Homestay
Ginas House
Grand Bay Resort Hotel
Hananoi Bed and Breakfast
Happiness Space
Have Fun B&B
HC Inn
Hefeng Ting Homestay
Hengchun 17
Hengxi 52·Yi
Hi Hai Homestay
Hua Lu B&B
Inn Keeding House
Ipanema Kenting Homestay
Kenting 213 Homestay
Kenting Aqual Inn
Kenting Bao Dong Guesthouse - Yi Xin 66
Kenting Bay Homestay II
Kenting Bay Homestay III
Kenting Come Inn2
Kenting Crescent Resort
Kenting Diack Inn
Kenting Dio Inn
Kenting Dream House
Kenting Footprint
Kenting Good Place B&B
Kenting Great Wall B&B
Kenting Hengchun 170 Backpacker Hostel
Kenting Hua Xian Yuan Bao
Kenting Mira Bella
Kenting Muchen B&B
Kenting Orange Homestay
Kenting Pig House B&B
Kenting Pig House B&B II
Kenting Wholly Holiday
Kenting Yeh Zhan
KT Sea Inn
Lan Yang Yang Homestay
Lang Jiao Ya She Homestay
Le Marche Backpacker
Little Apartment
Little Inn
Lovely South Sky B&B
Mang Guest House
Mei Mei's Home
Mei Ru Car Rent Homestay
Melinda Resort
Merry House
Moonshy Boutique Hotel
Mu Su B&B
Mulin B&B
Mumu Inn
New House Homestay
No. 1 Resort
Old Town B&B
Orange Cat Hostel
Pet Truelove
Phd's Guest House I
Pipe House Hostel
Plentiful Inn Kenting II
Plentiful-Inn Kenting
Princess Chloe B&B
Pure Hostel
Rainbow Wave
Red Q B&B
Relax Inn
River Fool House
Rococo Homestay
Sen San Homestay
Sheep House Homestay
Simple B&B
Sineya II
Sinmanizu Homestay
Sleep inn
Slowly inn
Sueiyuan B&B
Sueiyuan B&B II
Sun Shine B&B
Sunshine B&B
Surfilms Taiwan
Swallow Home
Thread Inn
Time House Vacation Villa
Villa Windingland
Walking Bali B&B
Warm Sun Ocean Guest House
Wave Elephant
Waverider House
Wind Town Guest house
WingTravel B&B
Wo Xing Wo Su
WonderOcean Dive Hostel
WOW House
Wu Li Ting B&B
Xia Xiang Mu Tian
Xiang Xiang
Yiren Hotel
Zero Plus Design Homestay
Zero+ Homestay 2
Zi Jìng Fang Inn

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