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Yo, who's up for a brocation?

Bachelor parties are so last season. It's all about the brocation. What's the difference? We'll leave that to best-man to be, Keegan-Michael Key, to tell you all: "So, it's like the ULTIMATE guys’ holiday before you get hitched and locked away forever. The chance to have the most amount of fun with your best buddies in the coolest place. Man, the stories you'll have to tell afterwards”. So, the difference is? We're not really sure. They do sound fun though! Anyway, here’s our guide to help you pick where to have your ‘brocation’.

Las Vegas a tus pies

Ah, sin city, the ultimate adult’s playground. Where else in the world can you find never-ending pool parties, non-stop casinos and legendary nightclubs? Vegas is the hedonistic hub that defines a wild weekend. If your boys want an adrenaline rush that doesn’t involve putting it all on red... Más info

¿Qué les gusta a los viajeros sobre Las Vegas?

  • Brocation

    7 recomendaciones

  • Ocio

    60.962 recomendaciones

  • Ocio nocturno

    53.202 recomendaciones

  • Juegos de azar

    50.634 recomendaciones

¿Qué les gusta a los viajeros sobre Maspalomas?

  • Brocation

    2 recomendaciones

  • Días soleados

    5.744 recomendaciones

  • Relax

    5.371 recomendaciones

  • Playas

    5.347 recomendaciones

¿Qué les gusta a los viajeros sobre Fuengirola?

  • Brocation

    2 recomendaciones

  • Playas

    9.062 recomendaciones

  • Restaurantes

    6.064 recomendaciones

  • Relax

    5.925 recomendaciones

¿Qué les gusta a los viajeros sobre Malmö?

  • Brocation

    4 recomendaciones

  • Compras

    5.553 recomendaciones

  • Restaurantes

    5.126 recomendaciones

  • Paseos por la ciudad

    4.795 recomendaciones

Amberes a tus pies

Como mayor distribuidor de diamantes a nivel mundial, Amberes es una ciudad próspera por naturaleza. Si te gusta la moda, aquí encontrarás unas tiendas magníficas. Amberes no es la ciudad más conocida de Bélgica, pero sin duda merece la pena visitarla. Más info

¿Qué les gusta a los viajeros sobre Amberes?

  • Brocation

    3 recomendaciones

  • Compras

    17.986 recomendaciones

  • Comida

    11.479 recomendaciones

  • Centro histórico

    11.447 recomendaciones


Game on! 

Don’t be the one who organized the clichéd, expensive, bachelor party. Instead get creative with a weekend that centres on sport, not strippers. Rent a cabin or cottage that gives you plenty of land and organise matches of baseball, soccer and beer pong. A bit of healthy team competition is a great way for buddies to bond. Keep tally of the scores, this type of events cries out for an awards party afterwards.

Great outdoors

An outdoor adventure with friends mean memories that last longer than a hangover. Get back to nature with a weekend hiking the Appalachian Trail. Or take a road trip to a prime beach location and go surfing. Charter your own boat and spend an afternoon watching the groom-to-be wrestling with a rod snapper. For your evening entertainment think campfires fueled by beer and bear stories. Look behind you…

A matter of taste 

Culinary bachelor parties are the new ‘getting wasted’. This could mean fine dining – renting a private room at a city’s top restaurant and crafting a 17 course menu with a wine-matched feast. Equally it could result in a road trip to Austin, Texas to seek out the world’s best barbequed ribs. Either way, it’s all about the food coming first (don’t worry, beer and ‘exotic dancing’ can still happen).

Meet Keegan-Michael Key

Keegan-Michael Key is an actor, writer, comedian, and star of the hilarious series Key & Peele.

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