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For a small city, Salzburg packs a mighty punch. With a backdrop of mountains that scrape the sky, it brims with grandiose cathedrals, magnificent palaces and world-class museums, all framed by its magnificently preserved fortress. It’s a city that must be seen, heard and felt.

Неща, които да правите в Залцбург

Mozart's Residence
Imagine Michael Haydn, Schikaneder and Mozart gathered under one roof. This was a typical evening at this house in the 1780’s, when a trio of Austria’s most famous composers came together to perform – for formal dances, orchestras and playing for each other’s pleasure. Today, it’s the site of regular concerts and lectures, as well as exhibitions that shed light on the works composed here.
Makartplatz 8
Salzburg Cathedral
The power and the glory. This is Salzburg’s most grandiose church, recognisable by its imposing dome, Baroque architecture and the four statues of saints that border the building. The church has been built and rebuilt since 774, and can hold a congregation of around ten thousand people. It’s dedicated to Saint Rupert and Saint Virgil, patron saints of the city and province.
Domplatz 1a
Kapuzinerberg & Capuchin Monastery
The Kapuzinerberg, at 636 m the highest elevation in the city, represents the northern end of the calcareous alps within the city limits.
Hohensalzburg Fortress
The Festung or Hohensalzburg Fortress, the chief landmark of Mozart's city, is the largest, fully-preserved fortress in central Europe.
Mönchsberg 34
Mozart's Birthplace
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born here on January 27, 1756. Today the rooms once occupied by the Mozart family house a museum.
Getreidegasse 9
Getreidegasse is the heart of Austria's most beautiful shopping center. Artistic portals, picturesque arcaded courtyards
Mirabell Palace
Mirabell Palace, Mirabell Gardens, Marble Hall
A 1288m high mountain east of Salzburg.
MesseZentrum Exhibition Center
Major conference and exhibition center
Am Messezentrum 1

Кога да отидете в Залцбург

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Отзиви и снимки от пътешественици

Страхотен град! За да се разгледа спокойно Старият град, са необходими 2-3 дни. Още един ден за двореца Хелбрун и замъка Хоенверфен, който е на 40 км. от града.
4 юли 2016
Градът е пленяващ.Насладихме се на изпълнението на много улични артисти,музиканти и певци .Красиви градини,колоритни улички и изключително много млади хора.
6 юли 2016
Много добър
Града определено не е туристически.Но околностите особено тези към Алпите са невероятни. Задължително трябва да се посети Замъкът Хелбрун и зоопарка към него.
14 юли 2016
Прекрасен град с истинско настроение и история. Препоръчвам туристическите карти, които освен забележителностите,включват и транспортът на града.
22 декември 2016
Залцбург е много красив град, с много богато историческо и културно наследство. Любимото ни място беше Резиденцплатц и Моцартплатц.
18 юли 2016

Места за настаняване и хотели в Залцбург

Altstadt Hotel Hofwirt Salzburg

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Hotel Bristol Salzburg

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Star Inn Hotel Premium Salzburg Gablerbräu, by Quality

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NH Salzburg City

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Hotel Wolf Dietrich

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H+ Hotel Salzburg

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Hotel & Villa Auersperg

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Radisson Blu Hotel Altstadt

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Altstadt Hotel Stadtkrug

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В какво е магията на коледните пазари в Залцбург?

Everything is decorated for the holidays and the atmosphere is magical, especially at night when all the lights twinkle. There are musicians and singers in the street and the church bells are constantly ringing. The smell of Gluwein and and Lebkuchen is in the air making it feel very Christmassy and warm.

Salzburg card is good value, giving you free travel and entrance to a range of attractions, but it may be very busy in the holiday season.

If you use a car you will miss many of the sights. It was wonderful to just meander through the streets

I loved the snow, the lovely buildings and the gracious people. It puts you in a good mood!

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Кое в Залцбург кара миналото да оживява?

Everything! History is around every corner in the old Town

well preserved, though restoration works are ongoing

outstanding New Year celebrations

Salzburger Christkindlmarkt

Motzart and the churches

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