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Snow and ice never melts at an altitude of 3,000 metres, so no matter what time of year you head to Kitzsteinhorn, you’ll be able to enjoy tours across its magnificent glacier. Hikers will love the endless views across the valley, while those after a bit of winter sport can hit the slopes for some fantastic pistes. If you’re here in the warmer months, there’s nothing like a walk across a glacier followed by a swim in the sunshine!
Schmittenhöhe Mountain
Located high in the Austrian Alps, Schmittenhöhe marks the landscape of Zell am See with its pointy snow-covered peak. From the town centre, you can take a cable car to the top of the mountain and get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding lakes, valleys and rivers. In winter, this is an ideal spot for winter sports, with a range of beautiful pistes. Adrenaline junkies should know that this is also a prime paragliding destination.
Lake Zell
Lake Zell is gorgeous in every season. In winter it freezes over and you’ll spot people ice skating beneath the snow-capped Alps. In spring, temperatures thaw and the hills turn a bright green, while in summer it’s finally warm enough for a dip into the fresh alpine waters. Autumn brings an explosion of colour as the trees turn a brilliant red, perfect for lakeside strolls and photography.

Помешкання і готелі у Целль-ам-Зее

Grand Hotel Zell am See

8 Дуже добре

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Hotel Tirolerhof Zell am See

8,8 Блискуче

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Alpin - Das Sporthotel

8,7 Блискуче

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UAH 4 226

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Hotel Der Sonnberg

9,2 Чудово

Оцінка за 497 відгуками

UAH 5 887

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Hotel Grüner Baum

8,7 Блискуче

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Hotel Traube

8 Дуже добре

Оцінка за 493 відгуками

UAH 2 143

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Seevilla Freiberg

7,6 Добре

Оцінка за 648 відгуками

UAH 5 706

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Hotel Martha

8,6 Блискуче

Оцінка за 372 відгуками

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Der Erlhof Restaurant & Landhotel

8,7 Блискуче

Оцінка за 244 відгуками

UAH 2 023

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Цель-ам-Зе: рекомендації мандрівників

Grossglockner is a must have in life. I specially recommend the route "Hochalpenstrasse", but check the mountain webcams before start.

Make sure to make it to the Kaprun Kraftwerk. It is a bit touristic, but offers beautiful hiking paths.

Drive out of the village towards Bruck or above Thumersbach.

Take a mountain bike to ride around the area.

Any of 3 lidos around the lake


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