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Learning about Aboriginal culture was so special. Please don't climb Uluru when you are there, that past history of climbing and conquest is out of date. Do the Mala walk with the park ranger and the base walk around the rock instead. The art work at the cultural centre is also a highlight.
14 June 2017
We loved it all! We did the Segway tour around the rock, Field of Lights, checked out the Olga's, helicopter flight and camel ride. Enjoyed all the different food places that we ate at.
15 June 2017
Segway around Ayers Rock - it's fantastic! See a sunrise & a sunset ... but if you can only do one of these the sunset is the best. The camel ride is great fun - informative and perfect for photos.
24 June 2017
Ayers Rock was nice, but I would totally recommend Kata Juta, it is awesome :-)
6 June 2017
Had a great time! Uluru and Yulara (little town centre) are sooooo beautiful!
8 June 2017

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Sails in the Desert

8.2 Very good

Score from 999 reviews


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  • “wonderful staff”
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  • “excellent quality of food”
    131 related reviews
  • “great pool area”
    77 related reviews
Desert Gardens Hotel

7.8 Good

Score from 1,199 reviews


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  • “wonderful staff”
    147 related reviews
  • “location was great”
    92 related reviews
  • “excellent quality of food”
    77 related reviews
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Walking around the resort circuit road. Enjoying view point areas Relaxing in Town centre and different activities Very useful shuttle bus service Wifi internet should be included in the rooms There should be a shuttle bus at lower cost to Uluru, Kata tjuta and the Cultural centre in the National Park, as the ticket to the National Park is valid for three days, but if someone doesn't hire a car, then there is no reasonable way to go into the National Park.

We learnt a lot about the spiritual significance to the aboriginal people of the rock and felt overawed by the size and feelings we got when close to the rock,exploring waterholes and caves with rock paintings.

The viewing platform at sunset, while sipping champagne and nibbles. Coffee and cake from Kulata academy café, yummo.

Ayers Rock Olgas Sunrise & sunset Sunset dinner

Went on organised event with star gazing talk

Kangaroos, lizards. asked travellers...

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In the rain.

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