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Brisbane’s agreeable climate impels you to enjoy the great outdoors. There’s rock climbing at Kangaroo Point, mountain biking on Mount Coot-tha and koala cuddling at Lone Pine Sanctuary. “Brizzie” even has an inner-city beach! Pack your sunscreen and gear up for fresh-air fun.

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Shorncliffe Beach
When the sun’s blazing, pack up a picnic or some barbecue food and head to Shorncliffe for an afternoon on the beach. Fringed by a children’s playground called Lower Moora Park, the kids can play the hours away, while grown-ups will enjoy a stroll along the pier. Outside of Brisbane centre, it’s a peaceful stretch that can be easily reached by train.
Tangalooma Beach
Hop aboard a day cruise and skip your way across the water to Tangalooma Island Resort, based on the beautiful Moreton Island. A true paradise, those in search of relaxation can recline on the soft white sand as clear blue waters lap at the shoreline. Can’t sit still for too long? Get stuck into a whole load of activities from sand dune tobogganing to shipwreck snorkelling and even wild dolphin feeding.
On sunny days in the city, sometimes you need to escape to more relaxed climes. This little seaside town is just up the coast from Brisbane, and it’s the perfect escape from the sticky hustle and bustle. Lark about in Scarborough Park, cycle along the pretty promenade or sit on a bench and watch colourful kites flutter in the sky.
Moreton Island Day Trip
Moreton Island really is a little slice of paradise. Stunningly clear lagoons are surrounded by lush forest and undulating dunes. Bob along the lakes on a kayak, snorkel shipwrecks or zoom around the dunes in a 4x4. Or just lie back on the white-sand beaches and take it all in. The hardest part is fitting it all into a day!
Currumbin Beach
This beach is a favourite with discerning locals. There’s something for every warm-weather lover here – longboarders zip along the right-hand surf break, stand-up paddle boarders bob through the gentle waves, anglers cast their hooks off the rock wall and beach bums soak up the sun on the sand.
City Botanic Gardens
Nestled right in Brisbane’s Central Business District, these gardens provide the perfect light relief from the city buzz. Step through the gates and you’ll be immediately transported to a haven of lush lawns, funky flora and serene ponds. Highlights include the romantic Bamboo Grove and Weeping Fig Avenue, as well as the lovely views over the river.
Roma Street Parkland
Roma Street Parkland was made for afternoon strolls. It’s a maze of vibrant natural colours, criss-crossed by trickling waterways and winding paths. As you tread the atmospheric rainforest boardwalk, keep your eyes peeled for resident critters. Possums, bats and water dragons all call Roma Street Parklands home.
Mount Coot-tha Forest
Mount Coot-tha Forest is a natural wonderland on the edge of the city, with around 370 animal species scampering and fluttering through its undergrowth. As you wander the trails, don’t forget to look up, down and all around. You never know where the native goshawks, possums, bats and creepy crawlies might be!
Brisbane Forest Park
With such a wealth of parkland in and around Brisbane, this particular park doesn’t get the press that it deserves, which is great for visitors seeking a quiet day out. Start off at the Walkabout Creek Information Centre and choose between two bush tracks – one through a lush eucalypt forest, the other skirting round Enoggera Reservoir before looping through woodland that’s home to thousands of chirping birds.
Most Stori
A tall Story. This bridge offers an unusual adrenaline rush. Clip yourself in for the Story Bridge Adventure Climb – a climbing route that traces the top girders of the bridge as they curve and dip high above the Brisbane River. It’s a stunningly different view on the cityscape, one which you’ll be able to frame and put on your mantelpiece, as each grinning group gets a photo.
Holman st
Stadion Sankorp
Brisbane gets its money’s worth from the Suncorp. This rectangular lightbox of an arena is pressed into non-stop service. It’s often a blur of muddy boots and hulking muscle during rugby league, rugby union and football matches. It also regularly packs out for concerts by biggest names in pop, such as Coldplay, Eminem and U2. If you’re into sport or music, check the listings.
Castlemaine Street
South Bank Parklands
It can get pretty warm in Brisbane, so where better to cool off than at an inner-city beach? This riverside park contains a sandy urban oasis complete with turquoise water and beach bums galore. Once you’ve splish-splashed sufficiently, amble among bougainvillea or laze about on the lawns. If you’ve got a taste for local knick-knacks, don’t miss the weekend markets.
South Bank
Brisbane Powerhouse
Brisbane Powerhouse is the ideal venue for presenting medium sized events such as contemporary music, dance, drama and comedy shows. As well as meetings, weddings, private parties, conferences, exhibitions and product launches.
119 Lamington St
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Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Next Hotel Brisbane

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RSD 11.010

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Rydges South Bank Brisbane

8,9 Sjajan

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RSD 10.614

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Capri by Fraser Brisbane

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RSD 8.571

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Hilton Brisbane

8,9 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 1 554 recenzija/-e

RSD 13.755

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Hotel Jen Brisbane

8,7 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 2 218 recenzija/-e

RSD 8.102

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Royal On The Park

8,8 Sjajan

Prosečna ocena 2 114 recenzija/-e

RSD 12.487

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Brisbane International Virginia

8,3 Veoma dobar

Prosečna ocena 1 666 recenzija/-e

RSD 11.749

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George Williams Hotel

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Prosečna ocena 3 278 recenzija/-e

RSD 7.758

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Mercure Brisbane King George Square

8,3 Veoma dobar

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RSD 8.867

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You can get nearly everywhere by bus, train of ferry (using the same ticket). There are stops everywhere, and very frequent buses/trains/ferries. Bit expensive though (lowest fare is $4.80)

Being able to access the room service and not have to worry about where you are eating the 1st night you arrive

They are welcoming, helpful and go out of their way to make you feel at home

combination of designer shops and relaxed atmosphere

Atmosphere at Eat Street Markets was great.

quality & inexpensive.

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