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Barigui Park
Ducks may be a common sight in many city parks, but when’s the last time you saw a capybara? Dozens of these giant rodents graze the lakeside lawns in Curitiba’s Bariqui Park, which buzzes with local joggers and rollerbladers each weekend. For a laid-back afternoon, find a spot on the grass, sip on fresh coconut water and just soak up the atmosphere.
Curitiba Botanical Garden
It may look like the landscaped grounds of some millionaire’s mansion, but this pristine public park is open to all. The centrepiece of the Curitiba Botanical Garden is a vast Art Nouveau greenhouse filled with native tropical plants. Around it, immaculate flowerbeds burst with colour and peaceful walking paths skirt past trees, fountains and ponds where local wildlife abounds.
Bosque de Portugal
As the name suggests, this Curitiba park celebrates the Portuguese language and the countries that speak it. Bosque de Portugal’s central monument includes pillars dedicated to legendary Lusophone poets, from Luís de Camões to Camilo Pessanha, and a stroll through the surrounding shaded paths reveals their best-known verses painted on traditional ceramic tiles.
Bosque Joao Paulo II
This pretty park celebrates Curitiba’s Eastern European heritage. Known locally as Bosque do Papa – the Pope’s Forest – Bosque Joao Paulo II was opened to coincide with a 1980 Papal visit. The open-air museum reconstructs daily life for immigrants in the 1870s, while a Polish church, tea room and cultural events still serve their descendants today.
Botanical Garden of Curitiba
In Curitiba – a city known for its parks – the botanical garden stands above them all. Modelled on traditional French gardens, it’s 240,000 m² of lush lawns, immaculate hedgerows and colourful flowerbeds. The centrepiece is the greenhouse, a three-domed glass building that houses all manner of funky plant life from across the globe.
Greenhouse of the Botanical Garden
This magnificent glass building is the symbol of Curitiba. And rather a lovely city icon it is too. It’s an Art Nouveau greenhouse with three domes, lit up at night in vivid colours. Under its beautifully curved roof lies a humid treasure trove of tropical plants, with gentle stream trickling through.
Barigüi Park
The most famous green park of Curitiba and a popular meeting point for friends and relatives on weekends.

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Nastanitve in hoteli v mestu Curitiba

Radisson Hotel Curitiba

9,1 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 1.193 ocene

€ 87

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Hotel Confiance Residence Batel

8,7 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 870 ocene

€ 47

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Slaviero Conceptual Palace

8,6 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 1.092 ocene

€ 51

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Hotel Confiance Batel

8,6 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 1.294 ocene

€ 46

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Slaviero Conceptual Rockefeller

8,8 Sijajno

Povprečna ocena 867 ocene

€ 55

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ibis Styles Curitiba Santa Felicidade

8,4 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 994 ocene

€ 62

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Blue Tree Towers Curitiba Batel

8,3 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 1.212 ocene

€ 50

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Slaviero Executive Batel

8,1 Zelo dobro

Povprečna ocena 615 ocene

€ 47

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Hotel Deville Business Curitiba

9 Odlično

Povprečna ocena 586 ocene

€ 51

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There are many cafés, restaurants, good bars around the "Praça da Espanha" region. Besides, Juvevê has also nice options for cafes.

If good food is what you're looking for, then go to Santa Felicidade district, the best restaurants are there je popotnike vprašal ...

Zakaj je hrana v mestu Curitiba tako posebna?

Dining in an area of the city called Santa Felicidade. There are a lot of good Italian restaurants there.

Move to the centre by bus or taxi (or your own car, in case you have any)

They are beautiful and there's a lot of them.

walk on the botanic garden

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

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