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Think “deluxe-sized dynamo”. Bairros and skyscrapers, finance and fashion, a jukebox worth of music sub-cultures, plus laid-back locals with oodles of charm. Brush up on the masterworks at the Pinacoteca, traipse Ibirapuera Park or try the best Japanese food outside of Tokyo.

Aktivnosti u Sao Paolu

Figueira Rubaiyat Restaurant
The outdoors comes indoors at Figueira Rubaiyat. A gigantic fig tree grows up through the centre of this stylish restaurant, towering over diners as they tuck into traditional Brazilian dishes. Specialities include prime cuts of beef, fresh seafood and authentic feijoada stew, while the desserts are to die for.
Skye Restaurant & Bar, Unique Hotel
The striking boat-shaped Unique Hotel is one of São Paulo’s most recognisable buildings, and its rooftop restaurant is a stylish stand-out. Skye Restaurant’s eclectic cuisine has Brazilian, European and Japanese influences – the sushi is particularly popular. In the Skye Bar, caipirinha cocktails are served with a side of stunning city views.
D.O.M. restaurant
São Paulo’s most renowned restaurant reimagines Brazilian cuisine. Regularly ranked as one of the Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants, D.O.M. is run by acclaimed local chef Alex Atala. Its pared-back dishes put a new twist on traditional ingredients, from exotic herbs to Amazonian ants, while harmonious wine pairings enhance the experience.
Mani Restaurant
Don’t be fooled by the whitewashed walls and rustic thatched roof – Mani is one of the world’s top restaurants. Situated in the swanky Jardins neighbourhood of São Paulo, Mani’s dining room opens out onto a pretty patio. Fresh local ingredients, flawless technique and immaculate presentation combine to create a modern menu that’s simply sensational.
Municipal Market
For a true taste of São Paulo’s food culture, you can’t do better than the Municipal Market. Lit by stunning stained glass windows, this cavernous city-centre market brims with colours, smells and sounds. Traditional local snacks abound – the most iconic are salt-cod fritters and mortadella sandwiches.
Vila Madalena
Trendy Vila Madalena is a foodie’s paradise. Bustling beerhouses and traditional restaurants vie for attention with street snacks from pop-up markets and food trucks. For some authentic local flavour, the neighbourhood bars mix a mean caipirihna – a potent cocktail of sugar cane liquor and fresh fruit.
Paulista Avenue
All of São Paulo society mingles on its main thoroughfare. From humble roadside stalls to international restaurants in high-end shopping centres, food is a constant on Paulista Avenue. Food trucks park up daily in Oswaldo Cruz Square, while the Sunday market next to Trianon Park serves fresh regional dishes.
Dalva e Dito restaurant
Set in a contemporary space with a rustic vibe, Dalva e Dito serves up platefuls of premium Brazilian fare. Owned by famous chef, Alex Atala, this Michelin-starred restaurant will treat you to traditional flavours made by expert hands. Sample meat and fish dishes, stews and some particularly enjoyable octopus.
Fasano restaurant
At Fasano every mouthful encapsulates the traditional flavours of regional Italy. Milanese chef Luca Gozzani offers up carefully curated tasting menus of meat and fish dishes, and a delicious selection of à la carte delights. Set in the Fasano Hotel, you’ll savour your food in elegant contemporary surroundings designed by renowned Brazilian architects.
Varanda is renowned for premium quality beef – particularly its buttery, melt-in-the-mouth Kobe. Its tantalising menu offers tender cuts, specially selected by expert owner Sylvio Lazzarini, and barbecued using flavoursome American, Argentinian and Brazilian techniques. Also famous are its host of vibrant fish dishes, made using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
Brazil’s first and only two-Michelin-star restaurant, D.O.M. is acknowledged as one of the best in the world. Here, its renowned owner, Alex Atala, aims to take Brazilian flavours to new gastronomic heights through extensive research and experimentation. Go on a culinary journey with multiple tasting courses or do your best to select a single dish from the à la carte menu.
Banespa Building
Brazil’s own Empire State Building, the Banespa is worth a trip for the view alone. You’ll stand in long queues, but once you get a glimpse of the panorama from the top, it’ll be worth it. Afterwards, you can tuck into some delicious food in the surrounding streets – Portuguese bakeries, Arabian restaurants, Italian trattorias and French bistros, to name a few!
Ibirapuera Park Organic Market
Every Saturday morning, over 60 different organic farmers set up their colourful stalls of fresh produce in Ibirapuera Park. You name, they sell it: from the famous handmade cheeses of Minas Gerais, to the juiciest raisins grown in São Paulo state. Head here first thing and tuck into a cheap, good-conscience breakfast of croissants, sweet milk and freshly roasted coffee.
Santinho Restaurant Theatro Municipal
The food, the décor, the people. Everything is vibrant and eye catching at Santinho Restaurant. Situated in São Paulo’s grand municipal theatre, this funky eatery is a feast for the senses. For a taste of the bold, new Brazil, join the bright young locals for a gourmet lunch, and gorge on the rainbow-coloured buffet of salads, legumes and tapioca.
Nutrisom Restaurant
Nutrisom serves up a generous buffet of tasty vegetarian dishes spanning everything from fresh salad, vegetables and juices, to pasta and pizza. Their ‘all you can eat’ model means you can have as much as you want, and you choose what goes onto your plate. The central restaurant is completely vegetarian, while at Vila Olímpia, fish and protein-rich white meat are also on the menu.
Casa Raw Restaurant
A relatively new concept on the São Paulo restaurant scene, Casa Raw’s menu is bursting with organic, gluten-free and environmentally conscious dishes. Sample a traditional Brazilian ‘feijoada’ – a stew usually made with pork and beans – served up vegan style, or try some of the restaurant’s signature ‘raw’ dishes.
Stadion Palestra Italia
It is one of the most important Brazilian stadiums, considering the amount of decisive and important matches played there, most of them with the presence of Palmeiras. Besides football matches, the Palestra Italia Stadium, because of its strategic localization in São Paulo, usually hosts important Brazilian and international musical events.
Ibirapuera Park
This is a major urban park in São Paulo. It has a large area for leisure, jogging and walking, as well as a convention center. Its importance to São Paulo is comparable to the Central Park in New York City.
Downtown Sao Paulo
Heart of business in Brazil.

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Smještaj i hoteli u Sao Paolu

Wyndham São Paulo Berrini

8,6 Sjajan

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HRK 375

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Golden Tulip Paulista Plaza

8,5 Vrlo dobar

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HRK 563

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Golden Tulip São Paulo Paulista

8,7 Sjajan

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HRK 573

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Bourbon Convention Ibirapuera

8,6 Sjajan

Ocjena se temelji na 4.077 recenzija

HRK 386

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Meliá Paulista

8,5 Vrlo dobar

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HRK 611

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Radisson Vila Olimpia

8,9 Sjajan

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HRK 575

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Blue Tree Premium Faria Lima

8,6 Sjajan

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HRK 459

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Estanplaza Funchal-Faria Lima

8,8 Sjajan

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HRK 423

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Maksoud Plaza Hotel Distributed by Accorhotels

8,5 Vrlo dobar

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HRK 667

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Preporučeno u Sao Paolu

They've got the most popular brands, local medium to high end brands. Ladies, go to a place called Farm Boutique for beautiful bohemian, floral swimming and everyday spring clothing. 3 floors of clothes.

Try the "Terraço Italia" restaurant, where you will have the best skyline view of the city (a bit pricy). Also the Pinacoteca museum has night sessions (up to 20h) on Wednesdays.

Go to Vila Madalena to avoid disappointment anywhere else. Authentic Brazilian restaurants with mesmerising entertainment to match

try the "Na Garagem" or the "Sujinho Hamburgers" Hamburger places!!! Very good value, outstanding service and good location!

People always stood up for me in the crowded metro trains. People offered help when they thought we might be lost.

They've got the clientele. They've got the chefs. They've got the number 7 top restaurant worldwide, DOM.

MASP and Pinacoteca are my favorites.

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