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Ahu Tahai
This complex of three ‘ahu’ (stone platforms) is believed to be one of the oldest stone sculpture sites on Easter Island. Lovingly restored in the early 1970s, the three main sites consist of various sculptures, with Ahu Tahai in the middle presenting a lone 'moai' figure with no topknot.
Rapa Nui National Park
Situated on Easter Island, this isolated national park is famous for its mysterious 'moai' – silent stone figures carved by ancient inhabitants. For the best sight of these stony sculptures, head to Ahu Tongariki which features 15 'moai' lined up together. Don’t miss the Rano Kau volcano, with its huge crater lake and dramatic sea cliffs.
Anakena Beach
Anakena is unmissable, and not just because it’s Easter Island’s only white beach. As well as being a renowned beauty spot, it is also said to be the point where the first Polynesian settlers came ashore many hundreds of years ago. Two spiritual sites lie just behind the beach itself – Ahu Ature with its single moai (carved stone head), and Ahu Nau Nau with seven more.

Majoituspaikkoja ja hotelleja kohteessa Hanga Roa

Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa

8,6 Loistava

Pistemäärä 101 arvion perusteella

€ 442

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Cabañas Moana Nui

8,6 Loistava

Pistemäärä 55 arvion perusteella

€ 76

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Hotel Manavai

7,8 Hyvä

Pistemäärä 149 arvion perusteella

€ 121

Yhden yön keskihinta
Inaki Uhi Hotel

8,5 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 118 arvion perusteella

€ 68

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8,6 Loistava

Pistemäärä 104 arvion perusteella

€ 131

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Taha Tai

8,5 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 164 arvion perusteella

€ 206

Yhden yön keskihinta
Altiplanico Rapa Nui

7,8 Hyvä

Pistemäärä 116 arvion perusteella

€ 182

Yhden yön keskihinta
Kaimana Inn

8 Todella hyvä

Pistemäärä 252 arvion perusteella

€ 102

Yhden yön keskihinta
Hotel Taura'a

8,8 Loistava

Pistemäärä 76 arvion perusteella

€ 161

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Definitely get a full day tour on your first day. Three days minimum to see the major sites - 5 or more if you like hiking. Also have lots of room on the camera for pictures!

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The short 20 min drive out to the Ahu Tongariki to see both the bright stars late at night as well as the morning sunrise there is one of the best experiences on the island

Hire a car but also a private guide for from one of the Agencies for a full day. Blow the extra money, a personal guide is so much rewarding than normal tours.

Hiking was great. I spent 5 days there. No problem with Visa card use. The scuba shop do not have "scuba boats" very poor!

Ahu Tahai has three sets of Moai, with one being the Kote Riku that has a red pukao (top hat) and eyes made from coral

Ahu Tahai is a short distance from the center of Hanga Roa

Very nice corals, but not a lot of fishes

Everywhere is good for stargazing.

north of hanga roa

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